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The Illuminati

Almost every human being sometimes has questions that are hard to find an answer to. What’s the meaning of life? Why do our rulers act the way they do, and why does everything always seem to evolve around money and conflicts? Does God exist, and if so, why is there so much misery in the world? And if he doesn’t exist, then why is life, the universe, nature and things like DNA constructed in such a fantastic manner? Is it all just a coincidence? What’s the thing with near-death-experiences exactly? And with Illuminati? And with conspiracy theories?



The Illuminati’s purpose is to secure the ongoing survival of the human species.
Like all organisms, the human species naturally strives against extinction. Though your countries have borders and your languages have barriers, all people in all places are members of the same biological family. All humans are pieces of a collective that keeps humanity in existence.

Though you are merely a speck on the back of a grain of sand when compared to the vast number of humans born and decomposed for millennia, you are as important to your species’ survival as the greatest kings and queens.


In the tenets of the Illuminati, wealth is not simply a means of personal enrichment. Instead, money is a tool that can be used to fulfill each person’s duty to the advancement of the human species.


The human has made itself this planet’s most dominant and advanced species. Even the weakest human is born master of the strongest of all other species on Earth. Through natural selection, every human generation.


Given many names by spiritual leaders and unexplainable by science, the Light is an invisible guide that many believe has led them to joy, success, and lives of Abundance. It communicates directly to every human.


Every generation inherits the world left by the one before it, just as a king inherits the crown of his father. Your pursuit of wisdom and goodness could lay the foundation for your great-great-grandchild’s rise into power.


Our every Illuminati members committed to the progression of human being by some promises from our initial days.


These promises are the heritage of The Illuminati as an agreement among our respected members. The first promise or pledge of our list is known as ‘The Eternal Oath’.

‘The Eternal Oath’ is the mnemonic of one’s principal objectives as wisdom, illumination, exuberance, consolidation, indemnity and the progression of human.


The Illuminati has pointed me in the direction to start my path of enlightenment. For that, I am beyond grateful. The Illuminati is not just changing my life – we’re changing mankind.

Amethyst R.

The realization that I have a part in this Universal Design was the purpose I spent so long searching for. Becoming a beacon of light has forever changed the way I spend every breath along my beautiful journey.

Tony R.

My journey thus far has been like a roller coaster ride, to say the least, but ever since I have begun seeking the light I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason. Everything just seems to be falling right into place like a puzzle.

Christy Spithill

Now I have “framily” all around the globe, who share my passion to leave this world, in a better state than we found it. I am beyond grateful.

Rizwan K

I stand with the Illuminati now. I have faith in the design and move forward courageously. Since then, I haven’t feared to go into college and I’ve even spread the message to friends from all walks of life. It’s good to know someone is watching humanity with the best of intentions.

Stephnie John

The Illuminati’s lessons have helped forge me into a better leader and part of the global community. I applaud their work and stay forever loyal.

Tim Z.

I learned that the Illuminati is there for you, and welcomes you to the bright side. The Illuminati has a lot of wisdom and it’s good for you, because it lets you see things in another perspective.

Hanna D.

I have always looked for some philosophy that matches the way I think, and I’ve found it in our organization “Illuminati”. That gives me the strength to believe and lead the human species to the light that shall reach us all.

Stella M.

I am amazed at how far I have come in just a few months of having the Talisman and following the Light. I feel so powerful inside that sometimes I have to take rests to calm myself.

Angella V.

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